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  • donated 2017-12-31 16:42:19 -0900

    Double Your Impact for 2018

    Today, by joining hundreds of Alaskans in supporting Alaska’s statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer educational and advocacy organization you are making a difference in promoting LGBTQ+ equality across our state.

    Donations of $10 or more entitle you to a 12-month membership. Members receive:

    • Periodic email updates on ATE activities and local/state legislation of interest to the LGBTQ+ community
    • ATE Voters eGuide for local and state elections
    • Invitations to the annual membership meeting, plus special events throughout the state
    • Participation in surveys to help inform ATE goals and priorities

    Donate today and stay involved in the movement by becoming part of our Alaskans Together for Equality family. 

    If you would like to send a check, please make payable and send to: Alaskans Together for Equality, P.O. Box 202453, Anchorage, AK 99520. To double your impact, make sure your envelope is postmarked by December 31, 2017. Please note: The monthly giving amount match only includes the amount received by December 31st.

    Contributions to Alaskans Together for Equality, Inc. are not tax-deductible. 


  • donated 2017-07-24 09:01:17 -0800


    Thank you for your support! Your support today will go directly to defeating any effort that threatens to roll LGBTQ protections we have fought so hard for across the state. Help us fight back now! 

    Every dollar donated helps Alaskans Together combat the ferocious attacks of anti-LGBTQ groups in Alaska. These groups are well-funded by national hate groups working hard to remove equal protections for our community across the country.
    We can’t let them win! Thank you for helping us fight back! 


  • signed ENDA Petition 2014-06-10 09:17:26 -0800

    Employment Non-Discrimination Act Petition

    32 signatures

    The United States and Alaska Constitutions promise equal protection under the law for all citizens. We are ready for all Alaskans to live up to that promise. 

    We the undersigned, support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a federal bill that would make it illegal to fire, refuse to hire, or refuse to promote employees simply based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

    We urge our Alaskan Congressional delegation to support these common-sense protections by voting for and/or co-sponsoring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act today.

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