TAKE ACTION: Citizen Co-Sponsor State House Bill 17

The Alaska Equality Act - House Bill (HB) 17 is a bill sponsored by Rep. Andy Josephson (D) from Anchorage. The bill would add sexual orientation and gender identity protections to the state's existing anti-discrimination law. In 2011, the original version of this bill was introduced by Rep. Beth Kerttula and made very little progress. Despite some GOP support, State House Republican leadership gave the bill very little consideration.

Fast forward to 2021, the new bi-partisan House Majority Coalition has the best opportunity ever to finally make progress on passing this long-awaited bill.


CURRENT STATUS (As of 6/10/21): 

6/10/21 - Waiting on its first hearing in the Judiciary Committee chaired by Rep. Matt Claman in the 32nd Legislature. 

5/5/21   - Bill moved to House Judiciary

1/20/21 - Waiting on its first hearing in the State Affairs Committee chaired by Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins in the 32nd Legislature. 


Legislators who have co-sponsored the House of this bill are listed below. 

House Bill 17 -- REPRESENTATIVES JOSEPHSON, Hopkins, Hannan, Tarr, Drummond, Schrage, Spohnholz, Kreiss-Tomkins, Story, Snyder, Fields (as of 5/18/21)

If you don't see a legislator that should be on this list, please feel free to contact them directly and ask them to co-sponsor and vote on the bill. If you hear back from the legislator, either way, please let us know at info(at)alaskanstogether.org. 


HB 17 - "An Act adding to the powers and duties of the State Commission for Human Rights; and relating to and prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression."


Add your name below and sign the petition to become a CITIZEN CO-SPONSOR of the Alaska Equality Act - HB 17, Alaska's inclusive anti-discrimination bill.  

I, the undersigned, agree and commit to being a citizen co-sponsor of the Alaska Equality Act - HB 17, Alaska's inclusive anti-discrimination bill. I urge the State House to vote on and pass this bill. 

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