Action Alert: Help end LGBT Workplace Discrimination - Contact Sen. Murkowski (R-Alaska)

Alaska is one of 29 states where there is no state law protecting a lesbian, gay or bisexual person from being fired just because of who they are - the same is true in 34 states for transgender people.

On Wednesday, in the U.S. Senate, we are expecting a committee vote on the bipartisan Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). ENDA would make it illegal to fire, refuse to hire, or refuse to promote employees simply based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It would make it clear that discrimination has no place in the workplace and would ensure that no one can be fired solely because of who they are.

Sen. Murkowski is a key vote to get ENDA out of the Health, Education, Labor & Pension Committee. Our success in passing this important legislation through the Senate hinges upon both our Senators supporting it. Sen. Begich is already a co-sponsor and is a YES vote for it. However, we still need Sen. Murkowski to commit to supporting ENDA. We need you to email and call Sen. Murkowski right now at (877) 829-6030 and urge her to vote YES on ENDA and these needed employment protections.

In 2012, Sen. Murkowski came out publicly in support of the One Anchorage Initiative that included LGBT employment protections in Anchorage. We need her to be with us on ENDA. We need to let her know we support ENDA because it would give hardworking LGBT employees the right to work free of discrimination.

Please email and call Sen Murkowski today at (877) 829-6030 and tell her that you support passing ENDA and urge her to vote YES. Be sure to provide your full name and contact information to whomever you speak to or leave a message with.