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    Dear Alaskans Together for Equality,


    My name is Tatelicious Karigambe a very proud woman from Zimbabwe

    Africa and may you please read my story.

    Recently i defied the odds by becoming the first Transgender in my

    country to publicly tell my story to the whole nation of Zimbabwe

    through the use of media specifically the radio and the print media.

    Ooooh yes the main agenda i did this was to educate my fellow citizens

    about Transgenders issues and well this was delivered.

    The problem came now when the government of Zimbabwe intervened and

    they are calling my move as Western Sponsored Science Project.My house

    was burnt and my car was vandalized.I also received an anonymous

    package containing three gun bullets and it had a printed note written

    “WE ARE WATCHING YOU”.I am now afraid of what is gonna come next as

    the ZANU PF youths are doing all they can to destroy transgender lives

    in Zimbabwe and t6hey are getting support from the President Robert


    I went to the police to report but all was in vain and also i seeked

    for Civil Society groups in Zimbabwe who claim to stand for the LGBTIQ

    but all they said is they cant help me because they fearing that their

    organizations will be forced to close and they will never receive

    funding form the Ministry of Health here in Zimbabwe.As we speak i was

    denied access to take my ARVs at a local clinic here in Zimbabwe as

    they said they where given that directive by the Central Intelligence

    Office of Zimbabwe through the call by the President Robert Mugabe.

    Right now i am hiding in rural areas and lucky enough the Headmistress

    of the school where i am staying is my best friend and there is also

    access of internet services.

    May you please assist as this will give new hope to the Transgender

    community in Zimbabwe that we have friends that will stand with us in

    time of need.I don’t want to die before i see a complete gender

    revolution in my country that’s why i am seeking for your help to get

    an asylum before they kill me and believe me Mugabe will do whatever

    it takes to bring US down.

    Your Assistance will go a long way and will never be forgotten.


    Yours Sincerely

    Ms Tatelicious Karigambe


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