Face of Hate

This past weekend we saw the face of hate.
It is difficult to put into words the thoughts and emotions that ran through our minds as the horrific images of white supremacists marching in Charlottesville filled screens around the world this weekend. 

By the bitter end of the Neo-Nazis’ hate-filled rally, a young woman by the name of Heather Heyer was dead, many others were severely injured, and countless community members were filled with the fear of not knowing what lay ahead.
What became abundantly clear is that now is the time to stand up! Now is the time to engage, to use all of our voices to say as one nation – we will not allow fascists, neo-Nazis, anti-LGBTQ activists, or the KKK to push back progress.
Alaskans Together for Equality stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Charlottesville who looked into the face of hatred and said, “Not today. Not in my community.”
Now is the time for non-violent action. Now is the time to get involved in every way possible so that tomorrow is better and not worse. 
However you choose to donate your time, talent, and energy is up to you. The time is now. Hate will not wait, and it must be answered with non-violent resistance.
The choice in front us, as a community and as a nation, is stark. We cannot change what happened in Charlottesville, but we must rise as one and answer this moment as individuals and Americans. 
While the events of this past weekend shook many of us, we believe that with your continued advocacy, non-violent action, and support – love will - once again - win.