Alaskans Together For Equality Responds To Potential Bathroom- Monitoring Initiative

Anchorage, Alaska – April 22, 2017 – The Anchorage city attorney ruled yesterday that supporters of a proposed bathroom-monitoring initiative could start gathering signatures for inclusion on the 2018 ballot. The bathroom-monitoring initiative would
allow businesses open to the public to discriminate against Alaskans based solely on appearance.

“Are Alaskans going to have to show our papers if we want to use the restroom? “ asked Elias Rojas, board president of Alaskans Together for Equality (ATE). “There are so many questions about enforcement for bathroom-monitoring. Will there be bathroom
bouncers? Will Anchorage police be taken off their beats to stand outside of restrooms? Are security guards going to be stationed in women’s bathroom for surveillance? The proposed initiative is a gross violation of Alaskans’ privacy and will create big problems for every Alaskan, especially business owners.”

The initiative does not just target transgendered Alaskans. If the proposed initiative became law, the significant government overreach would have many unintended consequences and would invade the privacy of all Alaskans. It would also set a
precedent, allowing businesses open to the public to arbitrarily discriminate against people, and have that discrimination enshrined into law.

“Anchorage is one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in America,” Rojas said. “In the real world, everyone has to use the bathroom. It is a basic human need, and no one should have to show paperwork to do that.”

ATE intends to join with other Alaska organizations to fight the proposed discriminatory initiative.