SIGN OUR PLEDGE: To Vote By Tuesday, April 2


Beginning March 12, 2019, through Tuesday, April 2, 2019, Anchorage voters will have the opportunity to have their voices heard in choosing the makeup of the Anchorage Assembly and School Board, choosing between and Alcohol tax and homelessness and public safety, school bonds, park bonds, and providing guidance on the type of community we want to live in. All of these choices will have a dramatic impact on Anchorage and our future when it comes to vision, priorities, and equality in our city. 

As we continue to see looming threats from Washington, D.C., like the recent Supreme Court appointment and the daily onslaught of actions against fairness and equality by our federal government and sometimes our state government, we need more fair-minded local elected officials who won't think twice about being the last line of defense in protecting all Alaskan's rights. We know when more people vote, we make better decisions. 

Thank you for joining us and pledging to vote in the coming few weeks. Remember this Municipal election is an all mail-in ballot, so you should be receiving a ballot in the mail sometime during the week of March 12. 

I pledge to vote early or by Tuesday, April 2 during this upcoming Municipal Election. 

Will you sign?