SIGN OUR PLEDGE: To Vote No On Prop 1


Beginning March 13, 2018, through Tuesday, April 3, 2018, voters in Anchorage will have the opportunity to strike down one of the most anti-transgender and discriminatory initiatives in the country.

Prop 1 will not make us safer and is unenforceable. 

Bathroom safety in Anchorage has not been an issue. It is already illegal to enter a bathroom or other public facilities with the intent to harass or harm someone else. The Anchorage Police Department says it would be extraordinarily difficult to enforce if Proposition 1 were to pass. 

Prop 1 is discriminatory and will lead to too many unintended consequences. 

Transgender Alaskans deserve the same basic protections as everyone else. The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce opposes Propostion 1 because it would be considered discriminatory and potentially drive conventions and tourism away, negatively impacting our already fragile economy. We don't need additional uncertainty. 

As a community, we have the opportunity to stop this initiative in its tracks, uphold the protections provided to our transgender family, friends, and neighbors in our existing non-discrimination law, and keep Anchorage a welcoming city for all by voting NO on Proposition 1. 

Make no mistake about it, if Proposition 1 passes, it would be bad for Anchorage and bad for Alaska. Join us today by pledging to vote No on Proposition 1. 

I will vote No On Proposition 1! 

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Will you sign?

This communication was paid for by Alaskans Together For Equality, P.O. Box 202453, Anchorage, Alaska. I am Elias Rojas, board president, and I approve this message.